Chocolate Goodie

A chocolate cream pie that seems like it should be from a label, somewhere? But I haven’t had any luck finding the label. I’ve searched Cool Whip recipes and Philadelphia Cream Cheese recipes. Any thoughts? Pudding labels would be next, I assume?

From a box sold in Columbiaville, Michigan.

Chocolate Goodie

1 stick margarine,
1 c. flour, and
1 c. nuts

Mix together; put in bottom of pan, bake at 350 deg. 20 min. Cool.

2nd layer:
1 large package cream cheese
1 carton Cool Whip (medium size)
1 c. confectioners sugar

3rd layer:
1 large box of instant chocolate pudding

4th layer:
1 carton Cool Whip (9 oz.)

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  1. Polly

    Yesterdish, This has several names. My sister Lori calls it 4 layer dessert. I’ve also found it called Better than Robert Redford.

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